The fall semester deadline is April 15. The spring semester deadline is October 1, but we encourage students to apply by September 15 to ensure they have enough time to complete the visa application process.


Students will study in Valladolid at Univeristas Castellae, which is a small language and culture institute within a two to twenty minute walk from where your host families live. It also happens to be situated in an old bull-fighting ring! From the university, you’ll be in perfect walking distance of the stunning Plaza Mayor, where you’ll enjoy cafes, shopping areas, and the occasional city-wide concert. Valladolid also has a beautiful Campo Grande, which is an immense park with fountains, ponds, statues, and even peacocks!  There are plenty of museums and architecturally breathtaking churches around the city as well. When you’re ready to explore even more of Spain, you’ll have easy access to many other exciting cities, like Madrid—it’s just one hour away by train.

As an independent study abroad institution focused entirely on Spanish language and culture, Universitas Castellae offers individualized attention to its students.

The range is typically 6 to 12 students in a class.

Each class takes place three times a week for an hour, incorporating a mix of lecture and group discussion. Class participation is highly encouraged so that students can take advantage of the low student-to-teacher ratio and one-on-one learning opportunity.

Universitas Castellae arranges language-exchange groups with BCA students and local English-learners, as well as introduces English-teaching opportunities and volunteer options. The benefit of a small institution is that the resident director will take each student’s interests in consideration and suggest personalized immersion activities throughout Valladolid.


You will live with a host family and have your own private bedroom. You will most likely share a bathroom with the rest of the family. You will also share most meals with your host family.

It’s possible that some family members may know a bit of English because it is often taught in European school systems, but most families won’t know any English because Valladolid is a traditional city away from tourist life.


Yes! There is an education internship available at Valladolid’s local bilingual school called Colegio Maristas La Inmaculada, which involves teaching primary and secondary students. Contact us for more information or visit our internship page.

Students can also participate in many volunteer opportunities in Valladolid such as assisting cerebral palsy patients, supporting the immigrant population, and helping in cancer prevention efforts.

Yes, you must have a student visa for stays lasting longer than 90 days. Send in your applications and fees for the visa to the Spanish Consulate nearest to you (e.g., if you live in Twin Cities, Minnesota, the nearest consulate is in Chicago) at least three months before your departure. If you need to renew your Visa while you are in Spain, you can do so through BCA Universitas. Don’t forget to have a valid passport.


You will find Wi-Fi at Universitas Castellae, in many establishments throughout the city and main square, and in the homes of most host families.