The BCA Universitas curriculum features a wide variety of upper-level undergraduate courses including advanced language, literature, art, history, culture and sociology. The courses are developed to ensure advanced critical thinking and maturity of expression and are modified according to students’ levels of preparation and need.

Overall, the BCA Universitas program curricular offerings are divided into three main areas:


  • Arts & Humanities: Art History, History, Literature, Spanish Culture
  • World Languages: Spanish


Universitas schedules its classroom time in the morning hours,  which allows students to spend their afternoons with local native speakers and use the city as a language and cultural laboratory, visiting museums and neighboring villages, and enjoying local culture by going to the theatre, movies, sports or music events.


Students can choose a maximum of five courses and/or an internship.  Each course is worth 3 US credits. Internships consist mainly of two options: volunteer cooperation with public and private local institutions, and teaching English in local schools (Primary and Secondary Education). The number of credits earned through the internship are negotiable based on the amount of time the student can commit to the internship each week. A maximum of three-credits can be earned for this internship each semester.