Summer applications are due on March 15th.


As an independent study abroad institution focused entirely on Spanish language and culture, Universitas Castellae offers individualized attention to its students.

The range is typically 6 to 12 students in a class, although there could always be a few more or a few less.

For the most part, each class in our June Language and Culture programs meets for 1.5 hours every weekday. Our medical, business, and education programs meet for about 4 hours in the morning for classes during weekdays, with practicum experiences to follow. Generally courses incorporate a mix of lecture and group discussion. Class participation is highly encouraged so that students can take advantage of the low student-to-teacher ratio and one-on-one learning opportunity.

BCA arranges excursions throughout the program. If interested, the benefit of a small institution is that the resident director can take each student’s interests in consideration and suggest personalized immersion activities throughout Valladolid and surrounding areas in Spain.


You will live and share meals with a host family and have your own private bedroom. You will most likely share a bathroom with the rest of the family.

It’s possible that some family members may know a bit of English because it is often taught in European school systems, but most families won’t know any English because Valladolid is a traditional city away from tourist life.


BCA does not set up internships during the summer, but there are internship opportunities in a number of our semester programs.


You will find Wi-Fi at Universitas Castellae, in many establishments throughout the city and main square, and in the homes of most host families.