Summer applications are due on March 15th.


Dar Loughat Cross-Cultural Language Center specializes in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Therefore, Moroccan students will not be attending this school.

Classes consist of three to eight students maximum. You will study with other BCA students and students from all over the world.

This program is centered around intensive language and cultural immersion. You will take an Arabic language course for four hours every weekday morning and attend cultural activities or your Islam and Human Rights course in the afternoons. Courses move quickly given the amount of time the program lasts, so homework and assignments are expected to be completed in order to keep up. You will be assessed through homework, oral assessments, weekly quizzes, and a final exam.

BCA Tetouan offers plenty of ways to get involved in Moroccan life. Aside from excursions, some activities that have been provided in the past include cooking or baking classes, visits to local artisans, and demonstrations focused on henna, calligraphy, and music. Check out some more opportunities the school offers here.


You will live with a host family, where you’ll either have your own bedroom or share a room with another student at Dar Loughat or a family member close to you in age. You’ll share breakfast and dinner with your host family. Read more about accommodations on our housing page.

Host families are not expected to speak English, although they may know some words or phrases.


BCA does not set up internships during the summer, but there are internship opportunities in a number of our semester programs.


Dar Loughat Cross-Cultural Language Center does have Wi-Fi, and some host families do as well. You will need to ask host families what their house rules are regarding Internet usage.