Language courses are given by enthusiastic, multilingual, qualified and experienced teachers, exclusively dedicated to teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. All classes are given in Arabic, except for complete beginners, where use of English is kept to a minimum.

Through various immersion and language exchange activities, Dar Loughat provides you daily contact with Moroccan life, allowing you to expand your vocabulary, improve your spoken language performance and better understand the local culture.

Learn Arabic at the Dar Loughat Cross-Cultural Language Center, which offers intensive Arabic courses at a variety of levels. On this program you will take:


  • All majors welcome
  • Social Sciences: Islamic Studies, Political Science
  • World Languages: Arabic language


You should expect a highly intensive language and cultural immersion program. Typically, you will spend four hours each weekday morning in your Arabic language course and most afternoons either in the Islam and Human Rights course or attending a cultural activity or visit. The Arabic course will move quickly so it is imperative that you spend time each evening completing homework and studying the new vocabulary you are learning. This can often be done alongside your host families who are more than willing to help you in any way that they can.


In the Arabic course, you will be regularly assessed through daily homework, oral assessment and weekly quizzes. A final exam is also given to assess your overall language acquisition.


All students take two courses during the program. The language course involves 80 hours of language instruction over four weeks for four (4) U.S. credits.

In addition to learning Arabic, you will take the two (2)-credit course, Islam and Human Rights, which introduces students to the Islamic perspective on human rights.  Included in this course are three or more hours of cultural activities each week.