Juri BotturaTrentino Resident Director

    Juri Bottura was born and raised in the historic district of Trento, the provincial capital of Trentino, surrounded by monuments and ancient constructions. His childhood home lies on the site of Trento’s early medieval south gate and during his childhood, his grandparents were an unfailing source of memories of World War 2 and the following reconstruction. His passion for history and the decision to make it the fulcrum of his professional career certainly had a lot to do with such a meaningful heritage. Juri spent half of his junior high school year in two Latin American countries, Honduras and Ecuador. Such a challenging but rewarding experience convinced him to couple a thorough training in the human sciences with a deeper knowledge of that fascinating area of the world, and to seek the best opportunities for doing so, regardless of national borders. As an undergraduate and graduate student, Juri took classes and did research in several institutions across Europe and the Americas. Meanwhile, as he gained experience lecturing on history, the humanities, and Italian in international settings, he discovered his vocation as a teacher and enjoyed the uniqueness of each group of students he had the good fortune to meet. He participated in the creation of Dolomit to bring out the immense potential of his beloved Trentino as a training ground for the global citizens of today and tomorrow. Juri’s ambition is to put his academic skills and international background at the service of whoever chooses to seize this special opportunity and join him in this distinctive Italian region.