Ashley MountfortDunedin Resident Director

    Ashley Mountfort is BCA’s on-site director for the Dunedin program. Ashley knows first-hand what it’s like to study at Otago as an American student from her own experience there in 2011 when she was a Sports Medicine major from Alma College. “It was an unforgettable and wonderful experience,” she says. “Now living in Dunedin as a “Kiwi-in-training” I am very excited to be the site coordinator for the BCA students studying at Otago.” In her role as coordinator, Ashley provides on-site services such as orientation, educational excursions and foster opportunities to deepen student connections to New Zealand culture. “I want the students to connect to Kiwis as much as possible and experience the beautiful New Zealand landscape, as well as learn important aspects of New Zealand’s culture,” she says.