If you’re contemplating studying overseas, you’re probably doing a large amount of research and looking over your options. What is the best non-profit study abroad company for you? For many students, the answer is BCA Study Abroad.

Since 1962, our mission has been to promote international understanding, the values of peace and justice, and awareness of global citizenship through academic scholarship. We have helped thousands of U.S. college students partake in a life-changing cultural and educational experience; we’d like to help you do the same!

Immerse Yourself in a Fascinating New Culture

Our programs enable you to attend classes with native students, take part in community events, volunteer for charitable organizations and live with locals. As one of our study abroad students, you are completely immersed in a new culture. You may even choose to be surrounded by a foreign language!

Enjoy a High Quality Academic Experience

You’ll also be challenged from an academic perspective. BCA’s partnership with reputable local institutions allows you to participate in academic courses that are as rigorous as their U.S. counterparts. Learn more about BCA’s academic policies to determine if they fit your academic goals.

Complete Support Throughout Your Stay

BCA understands that traveling overseas can be a little disorienting and intimidating, that’s why we provide complete support during your entire stay. BCA’s resident directors are on-site and can assist you in many ways. They’ll introduce you to the local college system, serve as academic advisors, plan excursions and activities, and guide you throughout the cultural immersion process. Furthermore, they are available for personal concerns from homesickness to medical emergencies.

Comprehensive Program Fees

Furthermore, BCA’s comprehensive fees ensure your academics, housing,  cultural activities, and international health insurance are set-up for you in advance! Our fees cover housing, tuition, an official transcript, educational excursions, on-site staff assistance, volunteer and internship opportunities, university services, language training (where applicable), international health insurance and much more. Your only additional financial responsibilities are airfare and passport/visa fees as well as personal expenses, such as toiletries, entertainment, and travel.

Helping You Develop a Global Perspective

Focused on providing international justice study programs, we aid our students in developing a sense of global citizenship abroad. Globalization continues to occur at a rapid pace and today’s students can make a difference in the world by expanding their global perspective. BCA programs can help students transcend a narrow national perspective by helping them gain an understanding of the issues and challenges faced by residents in their host country.

As a mission-based study abroad provider, our students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons by participating in volunteer programs, taking courses related to global issues or discussing how the local community deals with daunting problems such as violence, social injustice, environmental degradation and many others.

Contact BCA today to learn more about our study abroad programs and core values!