As you’re first thinking about studying abroad, you’re probably asking yourself “Can I afford to Study Abroad?” Higher education in the United States can be expensive, so it’s no surprise that you’re concerned that schooling abroad could be even worse. You may be surprised to learn that there are many scholarship and grant opportunities for study abroad and that with proper planning many students can go abroad for about the same amount that they spend to be on their home campus for the semester! Below are a few things to think about as you start to learn more about how you can afford to study abroad.

Calculating Program Expenses

Multiple factors contribute to the overall cost of a study abroad program. These include the length of the program (summer, semester or full year), the selected country’s cost of living and conversion rates. Before reviewing alternative ways to pay for your study abroad program, you should talk to your study abroad advisor and learn your school’s policy for financing international studies. Your school may provide special funding or scholarships for study abroad. Additionally, many schools allow your financial aid to transfer.

Affordable Study Abroad Programs

BCA Study Abroad prides itself on partnering with reputable, high quality international institutions and providing on-site immediate assistance from our resident directors. Therefore, your program fees ensure a premium education and constant on-site care, academically, medically, and emotionally. Our comprehensive fee covers tuition, housing, excursions, resident director assistance, international health insurance and more. The program pages on our website offer budget sheets so that you can easily understand the program costs and other expenses associated with traveling internationally for which you should budget.

Applying for Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

As you are exploring your program options you can also be looking for scholarship and grant opportunities that are available to you. Each year BCA awards tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants directly to students studying abroad on our programs. Additionally, there are many other organizations that also offer scholarships and grants for study abroad students. You can learn more about BCA’s scholarships here. There you will also find a link to some scholarships available through other organizations as well.

Exploring Other Creative Funding Options

Financial aid and scholarships aren’t the only way to pay for your study abroad experience! By planning in advance you can save the money you earn working during summer and winter breaks, or on campus jobs. Additionally, instead of asking for the usual items at holidays or birthdays, you can ask for a suitcase, camera, power adapter, passport holder and other travel accessories, or even for money to go towards your program fee, passport, airfare, personal travels, and more. If you want to reach a large audience of people and ask for donations to your study abroad experience, you should consider setting up a crowd funding campaign. This is a great way to reach your family members and friends who may be interested in helping you achieve your goal of studying abroad.

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