Each semester, BCA Study Abroad selects up to five students to partner with us on a unique opportunity to share their stories about studying abroad. Starting this upcoming semester, follow our summer 2018 student storytellers as they share what life is like on BCA Programs in Valladolid, Vienna and London !

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Summer 2018 BCA Student Storytellers

Anna Mills | BCA Valladolid, Spain

Hola! My name is Anna Mills and I am a senior Spanish and Biology major at Saint Vincent College. Since I am pursuing a career in medicine, I am hopeful that my experience in Valladolid, Spain will help me communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. In my free time, I enjoy relaxing with my friends and family. I chose to study abroad over the summer because it is difficult to study during the school year with my major. Biology courses are specific and can sometimes be difficult to transfer. Biology courses are also very challenging for me, and I wanted to enjoy my time abroad instead of worrying about biology courses. Studying abroad over the summer will also allow me to major in both Spanish and Biology!

Hannah Brown | BCA London, England

Hi there! My name is Hannah Brown, and I am so excited to be a Storyteller for BCA this summer! I am a Food and Nutrition major with a concentration in Dietetics at Bluffton University in Ohio. One of my roles on campus is a co-leader for our campus volunteer club called SERVE. While studying abroad in London, England I plan to take the class, Media, City and Cultural Capital, which will give me plenty of great experiences to capture during my time abroad. I also enjoy playing tennis, practicing yoga, and playing the piano and ukulele in my free time. I decided to study abroad not only because it allowed me to fulfill one of my home university’s requirements, but also because it gave me the chance to broaden my horizons to a city I’ve always dreamed of visiting. By studying abroad, I will be able to explore my major, Food and Nutrition, on a global level, and I will be able to explore a different field that I am also interested in, media.

Laura Chiarella | BCA Vienna, Austria

Hello! My name is Laura and I am a junior at Juniata College! I am studying Visual Arts, which includes the disciplines of  communication, digital media arts, and fine arts. I love photography (especially film), 1980’s pop culture, books, illustration, and old Hollywood movies! I hope to improve my German in the “City of Dreams” and I can’t wait to share my experiences abroad with you! A summer study abroad program is a great opportunity for me to go somewhere I’m fascinated by, but would not have been able to spend full semester at! I chose Vienna, Austria because of its long and rich culture of music and art.

Lauren Trevino | BCA London, England

My name is Lauren Trevino and I am from San Antonio, Texas. Currently, I attend Elizabethtown College as a Literature and History double major. In my spare time, I enjoy reading a good book out in the sun. I decided to study abroad during the summer in London, England because I wanted to experience this amazing opportunity without having to miss out on campus life and spending holidays with my family.

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