Each semester, BCA Study Abroad selects up to five students to partner with us on a unique opportunity to share their stories about studying abroad. Starting this upcoming semester, follow our spring 2019 student storytellers as they share what life is like on BCA Programs in Marburg, Dunedin, Cheltenham and London!

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Spring 2019 BCA Student Storytellers

Christopher Carvell | BCA Marburg, Germany

Hallo! My name is Chris, and I am a sophomore at Susquehanna University studying Psychology and Sociology in pursuit of a PhD in Sociology with a focus on gender, queer theory, and digital media. This spring, I’ll be leaving central Pennsylvania to study abroad on BCA’s Marburg, Germany program. I’m a member of Phi Mu Delta and currently serve as their alumni chair and previously served as their philanthropy chair. I am also a member of the Student Government Association to which I’ve served as the Executive Vice President and the President of my class. I am excited to experience a new culture—something so relevant to my courses of study.

Cierra Stevens | BCA Dunedin, New Zealand

Hi everyone! My name is Cierra and I am a Sociology-Anthropology major and Biology minor at Elizabethtown College. I will be attending the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand for the spring semester of my junior year. I chose to study abroad in New Zealand because I felt that it would be perfect for my first time traveling outside of the United States. I made the decision to study abroad so that I could break out of the world that I knew and explore a new one. I hope to become a more independent, confident, and open-minded individual. I also hope to inspire those who have yet to travel independently and/or outside of the United States. I cannot wait to explore the landscapes, meet Kiwis, and learn about Māori culture. I am very excited to share my experiences with you all!

Dejia Danhi | BCA Cheltenham, England

Hello! My name is Dejia and  I am currently studying abroad in Cheltenham, England.  My passion is graphic design, and I aim to insight change through my art (check it out @a_whimsycreative). As a Communication Design major at Juniata College, I try to challenge my audience’s point of view while also challenging mine. I believe in creating art for a purpose.

Lois Bronaugh | BCA Marburg, Germany

My name is Lois, and I will be studying abroad in Marburg, Germany this semester. I am a declared History and English with Creative Writing Emphasis double major, with a German minor at Austin College in Sherman, Texas. (Yes, it’s a mouthful!) I am thrilled to be studying with BCA, Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien (IKI) language school, and Philipps University as I improve my German language skills and work toward a career in international diplomacy. Besides studying, expect to find me exploring local downtowns and parks, drinking coffee, and, if there’s still time, reading a book. It will be exciting to share this adventure with you!

Maggie Boccella | BCA London, England

My name is Maggie, and I am a Junior, Mass Communications major at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. I have aspirations to work in film and journalism after college. I am an avid wearer of eyeliner wings; a Freddie Mercury groupie born about thirty years too late; a fan of sequins and velvet; your local crazy Nikon lady and a supersonic woman.

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