Each semester, BCA Study Abroad selects up to five students to partner with us on a unique opportunity to share their stories about studying abroad. Starting this upcoming semester, follow our fall 2018 student storytellers as they share what life is like on BCA Programs in Brussels, London, Marburg, Quito and Strasbourg!

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Fall 2018 BCA Student Storytellers

Aileen Ortega | BCA London, England

My name is Aileen Ortega. I am a 22 year old epileptic that constantly craves adventure and food. I left California to come to London, England to continue my studies in Child Development and English. I am always out doing something whether I’m cooking for others, playing volleyball, having a night out, or just sitting in the library reading. I love being active-indoors or outdoors. I am always searching for something new and different!

Dottie Porter | BCA Marburg, Germany

Hello all! I’m Dottie Porter, majoring in Environmental Science and German at Elizabethtown College, and I will be studying in Marburg, Germany! I want to finish in Environmental Science and eventually move onto Marine Science in graduate school, but I never want to stop studying the German language. My mother reins from central Switzerland, and my biggest hope is to be able to chat with her in her native tongue over a hot cup of tea.

Liuba Miranosava | BCA Strasbourg, France

My name is Liuba Miranosava and I am a rising Junior studying Accounting at Elizabethtown College. I also have minors in French and Data Analytics. I will be studying abroad in Strasbourg, France in the Fall of 2018. I love playing music, reading, and exploring the outdoors and new cultures! I can’t wait to be a BCA Storyteller and share my adventures with you!

Masaki Otsuka | BCA Quito, Ecuador

Hello! My name is Masaki Otsuka and I am from Japan. Currently, I am a Junior at Soka University of America in California studying Humanities. I am in a hip-hop dance club and the Haka club, which is a traditional Maori war dance. In my free time, I love to go swimming, work out, read books and watch Hollywood movies. I decided to go to Quito, Ecuador because of its high poverty rate, which is my academic interest, and the natural environment around there! I cannot wait to share my experiences with you!

Tiffany Byers | BCA Brussels, Belgium

Hello! My name is Tiffany Byers. I am a Senior at Manchester University and am doubling majoring in Public Relations and Peace Studies! In the fall I will be heading to Brussels, Belgium. As a fist generation college student, I am trying to make the most of every opportunity that I can while I am here! My little sister is coming to Manchester in the fall and I also want to show her that the possibilities at school are endless as long as she puts in the hard work! Brussels gave me the unique opportunity to study Public Relations and Peace Studies on a global scale in the “heart of Europe,” while taking classes in Arabic, Rhetoric, Political Communication and Public Diplomacy and more! I am the only BCA student heading to Brussels in the fall so I hope that by sharing my experiences, others will realize the opportunities Brussels has to offer!

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