For 50 years, BCA’s mission to promote international understanding, the values of peace and justice and awareness of global citizenship through academic scholarship has not changed. Since 1962, nearly 10,000 college students across the United States have participated in BCA programs. You can join this distinctive group of alumni!

Cultural Immersion Abroad

Live with a host family, attend classes with students from the local community, participate in local events, volunteer in the communities in which you live–BCA programs offer plenty of opportunities for you to make connections to your adopted home.

Academics Abroad

BCA students enroll at universities and colleges around the world and take courses that are of comparable rigor to the coursework at U.S. colleges and universities. More about our academic policies.

Support While Studying Abroad

Going abroad for the first or even second time can be an intimidating experience even under the best of circumstances. We understand that students need support and encouragement during their time abroad. BCA’s home office in the U.S. is here to help you every step of the way. Once you are on site, our BCA resident directors will help introduce you to the local university system, provide academic counseling and conduct planned educational excursions and activities. We also keep in touch with parents and U.S. college and university administrators to ensure the best study abroad experience possible. In addition to staff support, BCA offers:

  • On-site orientation programs
  • Academic advising
  • Educational excursions and activities
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities

Creating a Global Community

Facing the issues of today requires a larger perspective on the world. Studying abroad is one way in which an individual can transcend a narrow national perspective and develop a larger, global perspective on the issues and challenges countries and communities face each day. Each of BCA’s programs is informed by a concern to create a more peaceful and just world. In some locations, this means encouraging students to get involved with a local non-profit organization. In other locations, it means studying courses related to global issues or participating in a structured learning experience that shows students first-hand how the local community is dealing with challenges such as violence, social inequality and environmental degradation. In every case, BCA strives to nurture a sense of “global citizenship” in the students we send abroad.

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