About the Internship

Each student in the program enrolls in the required integrative cultural project which is centered around the internship. This structured experiential internship explores global issues and local responses while enhancing students’ local language skills. On-site staff assists with internship project design and student placement.

Internship length & Credits

This is a semester-long internship worth a total of 3 US semester credit hours.  You will submit a major paper (10-15 pages) to the Resident Director (RD) before the end of the academic program.

Disciplines available

  • Art History
  • French Studies
  • European Studies
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Business

Internship Partners

  • The European Parliament
  • The French Red Cross
  • AMSEAD, a non-profit association helping with immigrants
  • Catholic Charities
  • French bakeries
  • Art Galleries


All BCA students are automatically enrolled as part of program application process.