Students can choose elective courses from those on offer at the IIEF and IEP. Final course offerings are not available until sometimes a week before the semester begins. However, courses rarely change. Consult the websites below for courses typically available. Almost all courses are taught in French; if the course name is in English, the course is probably taught in English. To see a list of courses click the link below. Please note that not all courses will be available each semester.

There are two tracks for the BCA Strasbourg program. Typically, students will take courses in one track; however, students may mix taking courses in the different tracks with sufficient language facility.

French language from the Intermediate Level

Students in the French language track study at the University of Strasbourg IIEF language school for foreigners and take French language (6 credit hours) and usually 6 or 7 elective courses (1 or 2 credit hours each), plus the required integrative cultural project internship for a total package of 16 – 18 credit hours.

European Studies/International Relations/Political Science

Students who are qualified to study in the regular French university classroom do not have required courses apart from the integrative cultural project internship.


  • Arts & Humanities: French Studies, European Studies, History, Literature
  • Social Sciences: Political Science, International Relations
  • World Languages: French


Any students taking classes at the IEP or in another department of the university must have a demonstrated level of C2 in French language and must apply for admission in the previous semester.


Teaching styles vary. At the IIEF, language instructors conduct an active classroom with lots of interaction. In elective classes at the IIEF or in regular university classes at the IEP, instructors range from the traditional lecture only to a mix of that and more interactive activities. You will find a difference between what you are used to at home and the typical style of teaching in France. It continues to be on the whole more formal and heavily based on final exams as a form of assessment.

French language courses have regular homework and 6 – 8 oral and written exams throughout the semester. IIEF elective classes have one written exam at the end of the semester. IEP classes can have oral and written exams and presentations and exams throughout the semester depending on the class.


Grading for IIEF and other University of Strasbourg courses will use the French system and be transcripted by the local institution. Any BCA courses will be recorded separately using the standard US system of grades and credit hours. As with standard BCA practice, a BCA Course Report covering all courses taken by the student will be drawn up giving suggested grade and credit translations.


The IIEF offers courses with varying credits. The language block is worth 6 credit hours. The electives are usually worth 1 or 2 credit hours. At the IEP, courses usually convert to 2 credit hours. You will be required to take at least 14 credit hours at either the IIEF or IEP. Together with the integrative cultural project internship, you will normally take 16 credit hours for the semester.


For purposes of pre-approval at your home campus in the States you will select several courses before you leave for Strasbourg. This gives you some confidence about how courses successfully completed in Strasbourg will count when they are transferred back to your home school. Actual registration for courses in Strasbourg, however, apart from any courses that are required, does not take place until you have had the opportunity to see if you will like them. You have two weeks of sampling before you have to make a final decision and officially register for the course.