Strasbourg has all the excitement of a bustling international city while maintaining the charm of a medieval town. Located in the heart of Europe, Strasbourg sits on the Rhine River, a short distance from the German border, a short train ride from Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium and just two and a half hours by high speed train (TGV) to Paris. The Vosges Mountains form a picturesque backdrop to a rolling countryside dotted with quaint villages, and the Rhine meanders through the Alsatian wine country nearby. Strasbourg boasts an active cultural scene including opera, a ballet, a national theater company and eight museums.

  • Cafés are tucked into streets that look much as they did 200 years ago, and medieval neighborhoods are alongside sleek new commercial districts.
  • The city is the seat of several European institutions, such as the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the European Parliament.
  • As a European city, home to the European Parliament and other offices and companies, the city of Strasbourg offers unique experiences for language learners and students of business and international relations.
  • It is a beautiful city laced with waterways and bridges, intimate neighborhoods, amazing architecture, and a lively cultural life. Excellent public transportation, which is subsidized through BCA Strasbourg program, allows you to explore the city as a local.
  • At the crossroads of Europe, you can literally walk to Germany from the Strasbourg city center, take the bus or tram over the River Rhine! You can see the famed Black Forest from Strasbourg and make a day trip there.
 Language of Instruction: French
GPA Requirement: 2.8 or higher
Housing: Host Family
Internships: Required Integrative Cultural Research Project
Language Requirement: 4 semesters of college-level French or equivalent


In Strasbourg, you will live with families in neighborhoods close to the university. You will share breakfast and dinner each day with your host family. Wi-fi is in each homestay, throughout the University of Strasbourg campus and widely available throughout the city. Strasbourg is a very livable city, smaller than Paris and more affordable with excellent public transportation, which is subsidized through BCA Strasbourg program. You will also receive a culture card, that provides steep discounts to the ballet, theaters, the opera, music venues, movies, and museums around Alsace.


Designed to enrich your understanding of local life and culture, BCA excursions are unique to each program and offer you exciting learning experiences you couldn’t get on your own. All costs are included in the program fee. Excursion destinations are likely to change from year to year, however, students typically visit a combination of the following: 









Four-day trip to Paris to visit museums, see a play, and take a tour of the opera.


As a BCA Strasbourg student, you will study primarily in the University of Strasbourg IIEF (language school for foreigners) and Institut des Études Politiques (IEP), however, you will have access to other parts of the university, including in the humanities, physical sciences and law faculties depending on your level of French fluency (C1 or better).

Language Proficiency

You will need at least four semesters of college-level French or its equivalent to participate in the program. Students interested in enrolling in courses outside of the University of Strasbourg IIEF language school for foreigners, will to have taken at least at least one French course at the 300-level, equivalent to C1/C2. A placement test is given to students on arrival to insure they are placed in appropriate courses. 

Required Courses

All BCA students are required to take the integrative cultural project internship.

Choosing your Courses

Students can choose elective courses offered by the IIEF and IEP. Final course offerings may not be available until a week before the semester begins, however, courses rarely change. Explore the Academics link for more information about courses.

The University

The Université de Strasbourg (also known as Unistra or UDS) in Strasbourg, Alsace, France, is the second largest university in France (after Aix-Marseille University), with about 46,000 students and over 4,000 researchers. The University of Strasbourg traces its history to the earlier German-language Universität Straßburg, which was founded in 1538, and was divided in the 1970s into three separate institutions: Louis Pasteur University, Marc Bloch University, and Robert Schuman University. On 1 January 2009, the fusion of these three universities reconstituted a united University of Strasbourg.

Click the Academics button to learn more about: Popular Departments, Pre-Requisites, Teaching Styles, Assessments, Credits, and Course Registration

BCA Strasbourg France


There are two tracks for the BCA Strasbourg program. Typically, students will take courses in one track; however, students may mix taking courses in the different tracks with sufficient language facility.

  • French language from the Intermediate Level
  • European Studies/International Relations/Political Science

Fast Facts

  • The University of Strasbourg in Strasbourg, Alsace, France, is the second largest university in France, with about 46,000 students and over 4,000 researchers.
  • With as many as 18 Nobel laureates, the university is now ranked among the best in the League of European Research Universities.


Internship partners include:

  • The European Parliament
  • The French Red Cross
  • Catholic Charities
  • French bakeries
  • Art Galleries

BCA encourages students to take advantage of learning opportunities both in and beyond the classroom! Each student in the Strasbourg program enrolls in the required integrative cultural project which is centered around the internship. This structured experiential internship explores global issues and local responses while enhancing students’ local language skills. On-site staff assists with internship project design and student placement. This is a semester-long internship worth a total of 2 credit hours.  You will submit a paper (10-15 pages) to the Resident Director (RD) before the end of the academic program.



I was myself a study abroad student with BCA in Strasbourg during my own undergraduate junior year. It’s a pleasure now, to currently teach not only American, but also French and European students. Imagine the sense of accomplishment and achievement you will feel in mastering a French conversation.  Be prepared to be inspired, excited, challenged, to make new friendships, all while having fun!  I know that your semester in Strasbourg will deepen your understanding of the French language and culture, and like all good journeys, this one will also lead to unprecedented insights about the culture that is “home,” and about one’s self.

Soyez le bienvenu à Strasbourg!


On-site support staff help you adjust to life in your new community and will be your cultural guide through the program.

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What's Included

BCA Study Abroad offers a wide variety of services and activities as part of our comprehensive fee, including:

  • Full-time Tuition & Fees
  • Host family
  • Breakfast and dinner with host family
  • Medical and emergency insurance
  • Educational excursions
  • On-site resident director
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities
  • On-site group activities
  • Seminars and guest lectures
  • University services
  • BCA courses taught by host institution’s professors and/or resident directors
  • Cultural and university orientation
  • Intensive language training
  • Academic advising
  • University official transcript
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • On-campus internet access
Comprehensive Fees

The comprehensive fees for the academic year are listed below. Please keep in mind that every school has a different financial policy for study abroad. Your university may pay BCA for all fees listed below, they may only pay for tuition while you pay BCA directly for housing, or they may require you to pay BCA directly for tuition and housing. It’s important that you talk to your study abroad advisor and financial aid office to learn your school’s approach to financing BCA’s program and what your financial responsibility will be.

BCA Scholarships

BCA offers a number of scholarships for students with financial need. See if you are eligible!

Application Dates

Fall Semester April 15
Spring Semester October 15

Program Dates

Fall Semester Early September to Late December
Spring Semester Mid-January to Late May


BCA strives to make studying abroad transparent and affordable for all students. The following budget sheet outlines program costs, as well as estimated additional expenses associated with your participation.

Prices subject to change without notice. All independent travel expenses are incurred by the student and are not included in estimated personal expenses.