BCA is pleased to offer credit-bearing experiences or internship placements in a variety of disciplines through our Quito, Ecuador program. This is an opportunity to get beyond the classroom and fully integrate into Ecuadorian society. Three types of experiences are available including internships, research and service learning. Each experience is organized and supervised differently. To learn more about any of the options below contact the BCA Central Office.

Internship Opportunities

BCA can help arrange an internship for you while you are in Quito. Internships are available in a variety of disciplines and can be taken for 1 to 6 credits depending on your needs and the needs of the partner organization. Each credit requires approximately 40 contact hours with the partnering organization and must be overseen by an internship advisor. Depending on the subject matter, the advisor can be the BCA Quito Resident Director or a it may be an advisor from your home school. In either case, you must arrange periodic meetings (virtual meetings are okay) with your advisor. As part of the internship, you must complete both a regular reflective component (blog, journal, etc.) and a final analytical component (paper, project, etc). USFQ does not issue the credits for the internship, rather we will issue a BCA course report showing the internship credit. This course report will be sent to your home school along with your USFQ transcript that shows the other coursework you completed while in Quito. While we can help arrange the internship experience in Quito, it is the your responsibility to assure that internship credits transfer back to your home university.

While we are able to arrange internships in any discipline, many of the opportunities are service driven and are especially good for students in:

  • Education (Including student teaching opportunities)
  • Social Sciences
  • Health Professions
  • LOREI Research Program

To learn more about internship opportunities contact BCA.


While studying at Quito you can enroll in a service learning course, PAS 0102 (Servicio-Aprendizaje), taught by USFQ faculty. You attend a class session every week studying service learning theory and practice. The course appears on your USFQ transcript and is worth 3 US credits (4 USFQ credits). Requirements include attending all class sessions and completing 80 contact hours with the partner organization. USFQ facilitates contacts for your placement, but you are responsible for reaching out and establishing your relationship with the organization. Homework includes readings, presentations and papers.