Students can choose elective courses from those on offer at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito. Please note that not all courses will be available each semester. Navigating to find courses can be a bit tricky. The steps below will help you find courses on the USFQ site. Please click the link to the right to view courses:

  1. Click on the PERIODO drop arrow and select your desired semester (primer semestre is fall, segundo semestre is spring). If there are no class listings for that semester, choose the most recent semester fall or spring semester, as classes alter little from fall to fall and spring to spring.
  2. In the AREA drop arrow you can pick the discipline that interests you, and then click BUSCAR


  • Arts & Humanities: Interior Design, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Film & Video, Dance, Theatre, History, International Relations, Literature, Music, Political Science, Translation
  • Business & Communications: Communications, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Marketing
  • Engineering: Mechanical, Industrial, Environmental, Civic, Chemical, Electrical
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Education, Hospitality Business Management, Tourism,
  • Sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Math, Physics
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Archaeology, Psychology, Sociology
  • World Languages: Spanish

This may not be a comprehensive list. Please view the complete course listing by clicking the button above.


Ecuadorian credits are different. A normal 3-credit course in the US is 4-credits in Ecuador. Students cannot take classes that are “a distancia,” which means on-line.


Each course lists prerequisites, if required, on the USFQ system. International students can petition to waive a given pre-requisite or request that a different class be considered as an equivalent. To do so, the student must write the International Programs Office after they acceptance into the program, and they will process your request. For this reason, BCA needs your transcripts with your applications. If you have any questions about pre-requisites prior to your acceptance into the program, please contact BCA.


You will find the teaching style similar to what you are accustomed to at your US college or university. Courses consist of lecture, discussion, small group projects, individual and group presentations.


Assessment is very similar to US universities as well. Depending on the class, you will usually have a combination of tests, papers, projects, presentations and small assignments.


Students take between 4 and 5 courses. Most courses count for 4 Ecuadorian credits, which translates to 3 US credits. Your transcripts will reflect the US system, meaning if you take 4 regular courses, you will see 12 US credits on the transcript.  Note that Sports classes for international students are 0 credits and graded Pass/Fail.


Students register for courses after their acceptance into the BCA Quito program. Typically, course registration occurs in October or November for spring semester students, and May or June for fall semester students. As part of the course registration process you will need to complete a USFQ on-line application, which is a formality to get you into their computer system and take a Spanish language placement test online before you can register for courses.  You will receive detailed instructions on this process after your acceptance into the program.