BCA Marburg students have the opportunity to participate in the Lahn Model United Nations Conference held in Marburg each spring. This unique learning opportunity provides students with a chance to engage with local students, learn about the United Nations, and earn credit.

“I attended the conference, which created a lot of opportunities to learn. As a member of the Model U.N. Economic and Social Council, I worked to solve international world hunger, as well as the oil reserve challenge in Ecuador.”

Jessica Funtanilla, Elizabethtown College

SOC 370: Lahn Model United Nations Conference

1 Credit Spring Semester | Syllabus

Students attend the Lahn Model United Nations Conference in Marburg and expand their understanding of the United Nations and how it works. Students write a 3-5 page paper summarizing their activities at the conference and reflecting on how the conference impacted their understanding of and perspective on the United Nations as an organization.