Ever wonder what it would be like to work as a translator? In the BCA Marburg program, we’ll provide you with the hands-on learning you’ll need to consider a career in translation. Our resident director Kris Riggs, who also is an ATA certified translator, will teach you all the basics about translation, professional certification as a translator and how to use translation memory (TM) software so that upon completion of GER 310 you will have the basic skills to set your résumé apart.

GER 310: German to English Translation I

3 U.S. Credits

This translation course (for students with little or no prior experience in translating) covers basic terminology such as Ausgangssprache/Zielsprache as well as translation strategies. Students focus on broadening vocabulary, the importance of fully understanding the text to be translated and various problems in translating from German into English. This course is taught primarily in English.

Alumni Perspectives

Here’s what BCA Marburg alumni said when asked ‘Would you recommend this course to future BCA students?’

“I really recommend this class to anyone slightly interested in the field of translating.  My vocabulary in both German and English increased greatly as did my ability to translate more accurately and efficiently.  I had a lot of fun with this course, though at first I was not quite sure what to expect.

“Yes. Translation is an entirely different area of study and helps with colloquial expressions and vocabulary.”

“Absolutely. Translation is a useful skill, and the class is a great vocabulary builder.  It’s also relaxing to have a class taught in English.”

“Yes – I think it really helps improve your grammar, vocabulary, and general understanding of the German language.”