BCA has an agreement with a local secondary school in Marburg where BCA students can apply for a teaching internship. If accepted for the internship, you will assist with teaching English in a real German secondary school classroom in Marburg. As part of the internship you will work together with local English teachers to coordinate teaching assignments, observe English classes, and, if you demonstrate talent and professionalism, also teach some classes.  BCA students are expected to appear regularly and punctually, and to contribute to the teaching of the class.

Credit Information

Supervision is performed by the teaching staff at the local secondary school, who will also assess your performance throughout the internship and provide a letter of completion for your files. Students who would like to receive credit for the internship should seek assistance through their home university and the BCA RD prior to completing the internship.

Application Process

If you are interested in the internship contact the  BCA resident director or Central Office when you are applying for the program. You will also want to work with your home school during this time to determine if they would be willing to grant credit for this experience. Before the semester begins in Marburg, you will prepare a German CV to submit to the secondary school. This requires a lot of preparation and you should ask the BCA resident director or a native speaker of German for assistance. You will be notified whether they have been accepted to complete the internship just before the semester in Marburg starts. This means that you will not know for certain if you will, or will not, be participating in the internship until after you are already overseas.