About Dolomit - INSERTDolomit is an independent study abroad provider located in Trentino, the butterfly-shaped province of Northeast Italy. The name “Dolomit” pays homage to one of the most stunning mountain ranges of the world, the Dolomites, a source of identity and pride for the people of this corner of Italy, and now a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. This area is the ideal location to tackle themes of topical interest, thanks to its stunning variety of landscapes, and to a vibrant community that honors its heritage and values innovation.

The founders, both trained at a graduate level in the social sciences in the United States, spent half of their lives abroad, and recently resettled in Trentino with the desire to welcome the world to their homeland. In order to develop meaningful and involving educational activities for international students, Dolomit relies on a strong network of local partners, and is deeply committed to the well-being of students by offering them individualized attention and care.