Maynooth offers a wide variety of courses that will fulfill your home institution’s requirements, as well as contribute to an understanding of Irish life and Ireland’s role in global affairs. You can review MU’s current academic year’s course offerings via the link below. Each August a new course listing is provided for the upcoming academic year. As you plan for your courses abroad, please note that not all courses listed will be offered when you arrive, so you will want to plan alternate course choices and remain flexible through the registration process.

If you’d like to review a syllabus for a specific course and/or the class schedule, click on the class’s name and you’ll be redirected to a page outlining all this information. Remember that semester 1 refers to the fall semester and semester 2 refers to the spring semester.


  • Arts & Humanities: Celtic Studies, English, European Studies, History, International Development, Media Studies, Music, Politics
  • Business & Communications: Business & Management, Finance & International Finance, Marketing
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Education
  • Sciences: Biology, Computer Science, Math, Physics
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology
  • World Languages: French, German, Spanish


At Maynooth University individual courses are called modules.


The 10 U.S. credit certificate on Irish Cultural Heritage is available to students studying at Maynooth University for a single semester or for the whole year and can be completed in one or two semesters. This program offers an inter-disciplinary evaluation of early Irish cultural history with particular emphasis on archaeological, literary, historical and linguistic evidence. Field experiences are a core component of this study and this will include on-site investigation of key monuments such as the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Newgrange and Knowth, the Hill of Tara and the monastic settlement of Clonmacnoise. Learn more about the certificate program and check out the classes!


Maynooth University issues credits using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which is common throughout Europe. A normal ECTS workload is 30 ECTS per semester, which is usually considered the equivalent of 15 US semester credits. Courses are typically offered at 5 ECTS (2.5 US semester credit hours) or 7.5 ECTS (4 US semester credit hours). The BCA signature course is worth 3 US semester credit hours.


Students will initially register for courses online before arriving in Ireland. Your BCA Program Adviser will provide more information about this process after you’ve been accepted to the program. You will finalize your course registration during the orientation program in Maynooth.