All BCA students take a set of Chinese language courses, based on your on-site placement exam, as well as the BCA Core Course, “Introduction to Chinese Culture.” Click the button to learn more about courses available at DUFL.

Students should also plan to take 1 – 2 additional courses during the semester. Students can select from Chinese Arts & Culture classes (these vary each semester; see previous offerings below) as well as classes in International Business or Diplomacy. There may be additional course offerings in the School of English Studies, although these are typically limited to courses in the program for Translation Majors in School of English Studies. Students with an interest in teaching English as a second language should contact the BCA Program Advisor for more information about these options and possible teaching opportunities.


  • Arts & Humanities: Chinese Arts & Culture
  • Business & Communications: Diplomacy, International Business
  • World Languages: Chinese


At the School of Chinese Studies, there are midterm exams and a final exam. Teachers are flexible in accommodating international students, using a variety of methods to help them succeed in through learning tools best for individual students.


For elective courses in the School of Chinese Studies, teaching methods vary based on subject matter. In courses like Traditional Chinese Paper Cutting, Traditional Calligraphy Writing, Traditional Musical Instrument Playing, Chinese Martial Arts, etc., learning is primarily done through hands on exercises and assessment is performance based. For non-arts electives where English is the teaching language, the teaching style and assessment are similar to American Universities.

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