Situated at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian is a beautiful port city, well-known summer resort and key target in China’s effort to modernize. Surrounded by the sea on three sides and with hills as a backdrop, Dalian offers a pleasant climate, clean air, international festivals, skyscraper shopping malls, athletic events, a world-class acrobatics troupe and delectable seafood. Embodying much of the change occurring across China today, the city boasts a booming free market economy. Dalian residents are welcoming and speak standard Mandarin Chinese, creating an excellent atmosphere for studying about China and the Chinese language.

  • Gain a global view of China by living and studying with other international students, including Koreans, Russians, Japanese and some Europeans
  • Enjoy a weekend home-stay with a local family several times a semester
  • Try the many excellent restaurants in the city, serving everything from Korean BBQ and Japanese sushi to some of the best seafood in China
  • Discover evening entertainment including discos, clubs, and even bowling alleys. Local favorites are ballroom dancing, badminton, and “people watching” in the heart of the city on Zhongshan Square
 Language of Instruction: Chinese & English

(no previous Chinese required)

GPA Requirement: 2.6 or higher
Housing: University Housing


Students live in an on-campus dormitory for international studentsThere are about 1,000 international students on campus from many European countries, as well as Russia, Korea and Japan. You will have access to a communal kitchen with basic appliances, so you can prepare food and snacks in your dormitory. Additionally, the campus and surrounding area hosts an assortment of cafeterias and restaurants. 


Designed to enrich your understanding of local life and culture, BCA excursions are unique to each program and offer you exciting learning experiences you couldn’t get on your own. All costs are included in the program fee. Excursion destinations are likely to change from year to year, however, students typically visit a combination of the following: 



Visit the home to some of the oldest Chinese civilizations.



Walk on ruins of the Great Wall literally rising out of the desert, visit the desert and ride camels all while talking about China’s historical relationship with the steppes.



Mt. Tai is one of the five holy Daoist mountains of China. Students may choose to stay overnight on the summit and watch the sunrise.



See the Terra Cotta warriors and the Panda refuge as well as visit the city of Xi’an, known as one of the gateways to China’s northwest.


As a BCA Dalian student, you will study Chinese language and culture at the Dalian University of Foreign Languages, which is the largest center for Chinese language instruction in northeast China and one of the first National Chinese Proficiency Test centers in China. All BCA students take a set of Chinese language courses, based on your on-site placement exam, as well as the BCA Core Course, “Introduction to Chinese Culture.”

Language Proficiency

No previous knowledge of Chinese is required. Elective courses are taught in English.

Required Courses

All BCA students take a set of Chinese language courses (9 – 12 US semester credit hours), as well as the BCA Core Course, “Introduction to Chinese Culture.”

The University

Dalian University of Foreign Languages was founded in 1964 and has eight schools and seven departments offering languages such as Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, English, and, of course, Chinese! The campus is close to recreational beach areas and university buses will take you into the city for malls, restaurants, movies and more!

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Elective Courses in the School of Chinese Studies

  • Traditional Chinese painting
  • Traditional Chinese musical instrument playing
  • Calligraphy writing
  • Chinese shadow boxing (Taiji)
  • Chinese Wushu (Gongfu)
  • Chinese paper cutting
  • Chinese knotting

Fast Facts

  • Get involved with various student activities on campus.
  • Participate in a variety of student associations on campus.
  • The university has an undergraduate student population over 10,000 and is the largest center for the instruction of Chinese to foreigners in northeast China.
  • There are a number of sports facilities offer ample opportunities to interact with the large Chinese student population–students frequently play basketball, soccer, volleyball and run track.


BCA encourages students to take advantage of learning opportunities both in and beyond the classroom. Once you finalize your classes and semester’s activities, you can plan volunteer service possibilities. If you are interested in pursuing an internship in teaching English, there are ample opportunities in Dalian. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Tutor your host family’s children in English
  • Participate in student clubs (within the School of English Studies) such as the English drama club, English writing club and English corner, to support Chinese English majors in practicing their English
  • Assist Chinese peers in preparing English presentations for their English classes



Home to 56 ethnic groups, China is sure to surprise you with its rich cultures, diverse values and customs, and different lifestyles. You will appreciate the cultural and natural heritage of China, explore the life of ethnic minorities as well as rural people. You’ll be overwhelmed with the hospitalities of your Chinese friends, the breath-taking sceneries, the delicious cuisines, and the interesting customs of the people here. I look forward to seeing you here, to travelling with you and to exploring the beauty of China together.


On-site support staff help you adjust to life in your new community and will be your cultural guide through the program.

Ask an Advisor

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What's Included

BCA Study Abroad offers a wide variety of services and activities as part of our comprehensive fee, including:

  • Full-time Tuition & Fees
  • University housing
  • Medical and emergency insurance
  • Educational excursions
  • On-site resident director
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities
  • On-site group activities
  • Seminars and guest lectures
  • University services
  • BCA courses taught by host institution’s professors and/or resident directors
  • Cultural and university orientation
  • Intensive language training
  • Academic advising
  • University official transcript
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • On-campus internet access
Comprehensive Fees

The comprehensive fees for the academic year are listed below. Please keep in mind that every school has a different financial policy for study abroad. Your university may pay BCA for all fees listed below, they may only pay for tuition while you pay BCA directly for housing, or they may require you to pay BCA directly for tuition and housing. It’s important that you talk to your study abroad advisor and financial aid office to learn your school’s approach to financing BCA’s program and what your financial responsibility will be.

BCA Scholarships

BCA offers a number of scholarships for students with financial need. See if you are eligible!

Application Dates

Fall & Year Students April 15
*Semester is offered in the fall

Program Dates

Fall & Year Students Late August to Mid-July


BCA strives to make studying abroad transparent and affordable for all students. The following budget sheet outlines program costs, as well as estimated additional expenses associated with your participation.

Prices subject to change without notice. All independent travel expenses are incurred by the student and are not included in estimated personal expenses.