Chennai is the fourth-largest city in India and is known for its culture, music and film. Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai was formerly known as Madras and is famous for the classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, and the Tamil film industry. In Chennai, you will study at one of the top ten liberal arts and science colleges in India, Madras Christian College, which offers 16 departments and courses in the liberal arts, humanities, science and business during this spring only program.

  • Participate in an internship that is tailored to your needs with a local non-profit or community-based organization. These internships can range from 3 to 6 credits and will be supervised by the relevant faculty.
  • Travel to major sites in India with your resident director, including Delhi and Agra, where you will learn the history of the world-famous Taj Mahal.
  • Live in university housing with Indian students.
Spring Semester Program Only
 Language of Instruction: English
GPA Requirement: 2.6 or higher
Housing: University Housing
Internships: Opportunities Available


BCA students live on campus in student housing in air-conditioned and furnished rooms that include kitchenettes. Women are housed in Martin and Margaret Hall, and men are housed in Thomas Hall.  Meals are provided in the common dining rooms in each hall. Students may purchase snacks on campus or the shopping areas bordering campus.


Designed to enrich your understanding of local life and culture, BCA excursions are unique to each program and offer you exciting learning experiences you couldn’t get on your own. All costs are included in the program fee. Excursion destinations are likely to change from year to year, however, students typically visit a combination of the following: 



Pondicherry, a former French colony, takes you back in time in the architecture, street names, food and culture. Enjoy a sunrise over the Bay of Bengal, eat at one of the many French bakeries or stroll along the quite streets in the old town.



Travel across the peninsula in an overnight train waking up to a landscape painted green with paddy fields, coconut palms and the forests of the Western Ghats in the distance. Kerala has been a center of trade and exchange of ideas from way back in 3000 BC, hosting some of the first arrivals of Jews, Muslims and Christians.



A trip to northern India and Delhi introduces you to yet another facet of the diversity of Indian culture. Agra, famous for the Taj Mahal, a symbol of love, known world over and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Jaipur, wander through palaces and forts, ride an elephant and camel, peek into the world of royal grandeur and pride.



One of the largest south Indian Muslim kingdoms, Hyderabad has made rich contributions to Indian culture through their patronage of art, architecture, learning and of course the famous cuisine.


As a BCA Chennai student, you will enroll in courses at Madras Christian College, which offers a wide range of course options in specialized areas of study. You can also enhance your academic credentials while also gaining valuable first-hand experience with an internship placement that will benefit you throughout your career. 

Language Proficiency

There is no language requirement for this program. You will enroll in Conversational Tamil for the duration of the program and will take all other courses in English.

Required Courses

Sampled Courses

Students choose from a limited set of courses based on a program track. The links below will provide more information on the types of courses offered in each track.

The University

Madras Christian College (MCC) was founded in 1837 by Scottish missionaries. The College is known for its academic standing and leadership as one of the oldest institutes of higher education in the Indian subcontinent. The college was among the first institutions in India to be granted autonomy in 1978. Today, the College has approximately 7,000 students and more than 220 faculty members serving in 33 departments. Ranked among the Top Ten Liberal Arts and Science Colleges in India, MCC offers disciplines such as liberal arts, humanities, science and business.

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Fast Facts

  • Student groups and activities abound and vary each semester based on the interest of students.
  • Madras Christian College boasts of a long list of famous alumni including the CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi.
  • MCC offers a lovely and tranquil campus with a vibrant community atmosphere.


BCA is pleased to offer credit-bearing internship placements in a variety of disciplines through our Chennai program. This is an opportunity to get beyond the classroom and fully integrate into Indian society. The internships are supervised by a faculty member at Madras Christian College (MCC) in conjunction with a supervisor at the local agency or business where students intern.



I do hope you will take the plunge and join me in the process of discovery and learning in India. There will be moments of questioning, struggles with new situations and times when you miss all that is familiar. But, there will be many more moments of friendship, delight, wonder, achievement, excitement, inspiration, fun, and the sheer pleasure of being in a new environment. The India program will provide you with an incredible and memorable experience!


On-site support staff help you adjust to life in your new community and will be your cultural guide through the program.

Ask an Advisor

Our program advisors will answer your questions, provide guidance on courses and scholarships and guide you step-by-step through the enrollment process.

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What's Included

BCA Study Abroad offers a wide variety of services and activities as part of our comprehensive fee, including:

  • Full-time Tuition & Fees
  • University housing
  • University meal plan
  • Medical and emergency insurance
  • Educational excursions
  • On-site resident director
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities
  • On-site group activities
  • Seminars and guest lectures
  • University services
  • BCA courses taught by host institution’s professors and/or resident directors
  • Cultural and university orientation
  • Intensive language training
  • Academic advising
  • University official transcript
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • On-campus internet access
Comprehensive Fees

The comprehensive fees for the academic year are listed below. Please keep in mind that every school has a different financial policy for study abroad. Your university may pay BCA for all fees listed below, they may only pay for tuition while you pay BCA directly for housing, or they may require you to pay BCA directly for tuition and housing. It’s important that you talk to your study abroad advisor and financial aid office to learn your school’s approach to financing BCA’s program and what your financial responsibility will be.

BCA Scholarships

BCA offers a number of scholarships for students with financial need. See if you are eligible!

Application Dates

Spring Semester October 15

Program Dates

Spring Semester Early January to Late April

Please note that end dates for the semester vary according to the Field Placement options.


BCA strives to make studying abroad transparent and affordable for all students. The following budget sheet outlines program costs, as well as estimated additional expenses associated with your participation.

Spring 2018 Budget Sheet

This budget sheet is not yet available. 

Prices subject to change without notice. All independent travel expenses are incurred by the student and are not included in estimated personal expenses.