About the Internship

The internship counts as a semester-long academic course and students receive 6 ECTS (suggested equivalent 3 U.S. credits) for participating. For the internship, students must work a minimum of 150 hours; however, study abroad students may opt to extend their internship in order to work more hours per week (this is called the Double Internship). students will also be assigned to an internship advisor, a Vesalius College professor, who will evaluate the student’s work in the internship and can provide additional guidance. At the end of the internship, students will write a 3000-word report on their experience.

Internship Partners

Internship partners change each semester, but below please find a list of current and past organizations which have hosted Vesalius College student interns.

  • BigBentoBox
  • Citi (part of Citibank)
  • The Conference Board
  • Dunhill Financial
  • EY (formerly Ernst & Young)
  • GfK
  • Gresham Belson Hotel
  • ING Belgium
  • Management Centre Europe
  • MasterCard
  • RISI
  • Shurgard Self-storage
  • UPS
  • World Natural Care
  • Accessible Art Fair
  • The British School of Brussels
  • Esperity
  • Eurojobsites
  • The European Composer & Songwriter Alliance
  • Fulbright Belgium
  • The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium
  • Minerva Consulting and Communication
  • New Europe
  • PURE Communication Agency
  • Serve the City
  • Somos Más
  • Solar Solidarity
  • Laffineur Law Firm
  • The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe
  • Make Mothers Matter
  • The Mission of Honduras to the EU
  • The Mission of Macedonia to the EU
  • Oxfam International
  • Think Young
  • The European Network of National Human Rights Institutions
  • The European Security Round Table
  • The Global Governance Institute
  • Harwoord Levitt Consulting
  • ICODA European Affairs
  • International Crisis Group


In order to increase your chances of gaining an internship position, Vesalius College encourages students to apply for three different internships. As a BCA Study Abroad student, you can apply for any three or six-credit internship opportunities.  Before applying, please talk to your academic advisor and confirm their expectations for an internship.

Please follow the instructions below to apply for a Vesalius Internship:

  1. Learn what you need to apply for an internship at Vesalius here. You can begin working on your resume, but hold off on all other components until the catalog is posted.
  2. Review this list of application deadlines and make a note of when the internship catalog will be available for review.
  3. Browse previous internship opportunities here for an idea of what to expect.
  4. Once the catalog is posted, you can review your internship options here. Double check that the catalog clearly lists your semester of study.
  5. Determine your top three choices. You’ll need to write a separate cover letter for each position.
  6. Please note that after the catalog is posted, you only have three weeks to apply for an internship. Your diligence is important!
  7. If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Radford, Program Advisor at VRadford@BCAStudyAbroad.org or 717-361-6614.