Study Law in the Capital of Europe!

Vesalius College is now offering a BA in International and European Law that is ideal for students who are passionate about international and European legal issues. BCA Brussels student can take courses within the major.

In this program, students will gain an understanding of legal processes and apparatuses in order to provide legal and policy analysis. The curriculum allows students to develop an understanding of legal systems around the world and how they interact, as well as the international system, the European integration process, and European and international law-making.

Students will also develop practical skills through reading and analyzing recent legal materials, cases and reporting documents, as well as learning to write legal texts, giving oral presentations and working in group sessions. This program offers a truly interdisciplinary approach where students can choose courses in a business as well as in an international and European legal context.

Courses include the following, however, a student interested in these courses will need to contact BCA to verify availability at the time of study abroad.