Travel On A Budget In Europe 101

It’s true that traveling in Europe on a tight budget is achievable, but if you aren’t careful miscellaneous expenses start to add up. Here are some ways I’ve saved during my travels [...]

Tips on Fundraising for Study Abroad

One common study abroad misconception is that studying abroad isn’t affordable for most students. While there are costs associated with studying abroad, many students find that with proper [...]

Solving Your Study Abroad Fears

I studied abroad in Cheltenham, England and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. I saw things I have only ever dreamed of, meet new people and learned about new cultures. Although I had [...]

Ways to Fund Your Year Abroad

If you like the idea of taking a semester or year overseas, but haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? If you’re worried about money and paying for the experience, there’s good news: [...]

How to Study Abroad

Tip #1: Talk to Your Parents and Friends Your Parents can help you decide if studying abroad is a responsible decision that will work for you personally and financially. They may also have their [...]

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