PICTURE THIS! Enter your best memory(s) in our BCA Photo Contest. Share your visual story about campus life abroad, adventures on a BCA excursion, and/or a cultural activity you participated in while studying abroad. Complete applications will have 1-3 photos with descriptions per submission. Download the application to get started, and submit your entries to our Social Media Specialist!

Who is eligible? Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 program participants
When are submissions due? TBD
Do I have to submit three photos? No, a minimum entry of one [1] entry will be accepted in one of the defined categories. Students are allowed to submit a maximum of three [3] photos (1 per category).
What are the photo contest categories? 1) campus life abroad  2) BCA excursion  3) a cultural activity

Prizes Are:

  • 1st Place: $100
  • 2nd Place: $75
  • 3rd Place: $50


Congratulations to the winners of the fall 2018 BCA photo contest and thank you again to all participants!  Entries were judged on the following areas: adherence to the guidelines and theme, creativity, composition and quality of image. Please continue to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, as we will be featuring a selection of all entries, not just winners on these platforms and your pictures could be displayed!


Cultural Activity: “Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls” by Liuba Miranosava

Program:  Strasbourg, France

Term:  Fall 2018

School: Elizabethtown College

Description: On the last day of my Paris excursion, I explored a corner called “Montmatre,” known for its artists, Moulin Rouge, and Le Chat Noir. I was thrown back into the days of Renoir when I came upon “Place du Tertre,” a square lined with artists and their easels. I got pulled in by a kind man named Georges to get my portrait done. We talked about  life and he hugged me when I left. I’ll always remember Georges and his pastels.


BCA Excursion: “Ready For Dinner” by Eiji Toda

Program: Quito, Ecuador

Term: Fall 2018

School: Soka University of America

 Description: During our BCA excursion in the Amazon rainforest, we stayed with host families in a small village called Mariscal. One day, my host father took me and Luis, my new friend from another village called Tzawata, to go fishing. It took patience to actually catch fish, but we finally won our dinner! We grilled the fish, and they were so tasty! While fishing, we also got to see some monkeys in the adjacent forest and had fun feeding the horses sugarcane. It was absolutely one of the most exciting and the most unforgettable moments during the excursion.


Campus Life: “Walking From Class” by Colton Moyer

Program: Dunedin, New Zealand

Term: Spring 2018

School: Juniata College

Description: Right in the middle of campus is a stream called Water of Leith (Ōwheo in Maori). There is a bridge that crosses it that is a hub of traffic ten minutes before the hour every day of class. The University of Otago clock tower stands in the background.

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