BCA is committed to working with study abroad advisors to help students navigate the study abroad process by providing hands-on support and personalized attention as students research the study abroad experience and programs, complete their application and prepare to study abroad. As part of this commitment, we offer advisor lunch & learn webinars to keep you informed on program opportunities so you can better advise students.


We are committed to providing our institutional partners with information on our programs and program services. Join Rachel Helwig, Assistant Director of Health & Safety and Program Services, and BCA’s Program Advisor, for our Lunch & Learn webinar series. During these webinars you will learn more about our summer and semester program options. We will provide you with information to help you differentiate between our programs and advise students on the best fit program for their study abroad goals. These webinars will cover a range of topics including program location information, the host university, accommodation, BCA Study Abroad on-site staff, program excursions, and health and safety.

Upcoming Lunch & Learn Webinars

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Below you will find the recordings of past Lunch & Learn Webinars conducted by various members of the BCA Study Abroad staff. Please reference the following recordings at any time for further information on the topics listed below.

Pre-Departure Orientation Webinars

For accepted students, BCA hold a pre-departure webinar for each program prior to departure. These webinars are facilitated by BCA Central Office program staff and the BCA Resident Director and cover important pre-departure topics as well as offering students a chance to ask any questions. Students are notified of these pre-departure webinars after their acceptance into the program.