We hope having easily accessible electronic versions of our resources will help as you advise students. Below you will find PDF versions of the BCA Study Abroad Program Booklet, our major specific cards, and the BCA Study Abroad scholarship card. In addition to those resources, you will also find information on application deadlines, our Search by Major tool and our webinars.

As always, our program pages also provide useful information about our programs including more specific academic, housing, dates and fees and immersion information.


The 2019-2020 BCA Program Booklet will provide you and your students with an overview of each program in addition to resources on how to start the study abroad process, application information, finances and scholarships. You will note that at the bottom of each program page you will find information on program highlights, such as the overseas university, housing and program duration.


Request Materials for Your Office

To request any of these materials in print, please fill out our Materials Request Form and we would be happy to send these materials to your office.


Majors by BCA Program Sheet

Our majors by programs sheet highlights where a student can specialize in various academic disciplines. When you see a program listed under a specific discipline this indicates that there are courses available at various levels and that a student can choose to focus on that particular area of study at that location.

When working with a student we encourage you to use these cards in addition to our Search by Major tool on the BCA Study Abroad website. This provides you with all programs that offer courses within that major, and from there you can access the program page and course catalog.

BCA Study Abroad Scholarship Card

Our scholarship card outlines and highlights all of our BCA Study Abroad scholarships, which offer awards up to $1,500. For more information about our scholarships and resources on external scholarships, please be sure to visit the scholarships section of our website.

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