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I’m trying my best to live up to Goshen College’s core values… right now I’m working on Global Citizen and Passionate Learner, and studying abroad. I’m living in Barcelona, Spain, with a host family and taking classes at the University of Barcelona. It’s quite a beautiful city, Barcelona: mountains on one side, the Mediterranean Sea on the other. Old and new buildings in between. Gothic style, modern stuff. Construction, destruction. Mostly blue skies, but a rain and chilly air are more frequent now and it’s too chilly to wear my chaos on a daily basis.

Studying in another country allows you to become part of a specific sector of society. I am not a tourist. I am also not a foreigner or immigrant who has moved to Spain to find work. I am a student. I enjoy this status, as I am one who hates the feeling of being a tourist. I may not fit in as a normal student, but I am not an ignorant visitor to the city, here for the sole purpose of seeing its sights (though I definitely take advantage of what Barcelona has to offer).

My favorite activity, though, and the thing which has helped me integrate most and find friends, is ultimate Frisbee. It really is not a well-known sport here, and so the people who play are a select few, very unified in their interest to play. I am part of a team, ¨Peixets,¨ which means ¨little fish¨ in Catalan. With my newfound friends I have practices every week and have gone to a tournament in Madrid and a beach tournament in Marseille, France. I consider it an absolutely sweet way to travel the world. And I love the mix of people Frisbee brings together: I play regularly with people from Spain, France, Chile, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

While being here I also realize what a privileged person I am—privileged to have this opportunity to study abroad. This experience has helped me to see and understand more of the world, this much is sure. What I am to do with these experiences and privilege is yet to be discovered. Perhaps in some form of Compassionate Peacemaking

 Lindsy Glick, Goshen College

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