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The study of psychology is, in many ways, about broadening your understanding of the human mind. In this sense, studying abroad provides you with educational opportunities that cannot be found any other way. Study abroad programs also offer you the rare opportunity to step outside your day-to-day experiences and immerse yourself in a different, exciting society. By choosing one of the best psychology programs not only will you receive more value out of your education and study abroad experience, but you’ll also discover more about yourself and your learning style in the process.

You should begin by searching for a program that offers relevant course work. Beyond the core psychology courses offered at various study abroad locations, you’ll want to consider the following factors.

Language Immersion

There are a number of career opportunities available for psychology majors. If you think offering counseling is in your future, you should consider how fluency in another language will make your career more versatile. Specifically, as the number of Spanish speakers in the United States increases, offering psychological services in Spanish could be a real asset for your practice. If so, consider the programs at the Universitat de Barcelona in Spain or Universidad de San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. In both programs instruction takes place in Spanish, which will greatly increase your fluency — and the strength of your future resume.

If you are studying German instead of Spanish, our program at Philipps-Universität is the perfect location to focus on your German language skills and take psychology courses in German with local students.

Family versus Independent Living

Your living arrangement will depend on the program you choose. For instance, in Belgium, Ecuador or Spain you’ll move in with a host family, which will provide you with an immersive experience into local life. This is a rare opportunity for psychology students, as they understand the incredible influence of family and household lifestyle on personality and psychology.

Other programs offer campus-based housing or international dormitories. Unlike living with a host family, you’ll buy your own groceries, make your own food and live with students who may or may not speak your language. Both opportunities provide unique challenges and advantages, which you should consider when you’re comparing the best psychology programs.

What Are Our Best Psychology Programs?

BCA works with a number of universities across the world that offer exciting course options for psychology majors. Several institutions are regularly ranked among the top universities in the world for the teaching and research. Learn more about our programs, and the psychology courses available, by exploring the programs below.

If you yearn to study abroad, there’s a choice that will fit your needs. Explore the wealth of study abroad programs for psychology majors at BCA today!

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