• Undoubtedly my favorite part of studying abroad was the relationship I built with my host … I was lucky enough to get a direct perspective on Spanish and Barcelona’s cultures, whether it was through food, music, or politics. Most importantly, I made a lifelong friendship with someone who, on the surface, I don’t share a lot with, but who I admire and understand on a more profound level.

    Supriya Sanjay Barcelona, Spain 2018
  • I had the amazing opportunity to work in a cellular biology research lab, through my study abroad university’s Latitude Zero Ecuador Research Initiative (L0ERI) Program … During my time in the laboratory, it didn’t just feel like an internship or a class; I felt like I was part of a community.

    Colby Schweibenz Quito, Ecuador 2017
  • My experience abroad allowed me to reflect on everything I have undergone in life, and how I can apply those life experiences to the real world after I graduate. I became a strong, independent, culturally educated individual who has the opportunity to make a difference in the world as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Through my journey, it is my hope that I have inspired future first generation college students to pursue amazing opportunities during their time in college.

    Jaime Ramos II Valladolid, Spain 2017
  • My study abroad experience … provided a holistic perspective of the world I live in and allowed me to embrace passions for helping others and pursuing justice and peace, whether that's in a local community in my home town or in other countries.

    Julianne Haines Dublin, Ireland 2017
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