In the BCA Xalapa program students with proficient Spanish study alongside Mexican students at one of the most distinguished universities in Mexico. For those students who are not able to enroll in courses alongside Mexican students directly, BCA offers a number of course offerings to help build their Spanish language skills and to become immersed in Mexican culture.

Required Courses

Before regular classes begin, you will spend two weeks in BCA’s cultural orientation and intensive language program in Cuernavaca, Mexico. During this pre-semester program, you will study Spanish at UNIVERSAL Escuela de Lengua y Comunicación Social, and take a course focused on Mexican culture and history led by BCA’s resident director. The language course, plus the culture history course, will be listed as a single course and is worth three (3) credits.

Course Listing

Depending on your language level, semester and interests you may take courses from one or more of the following institutions:

Popular Departments

  • Arts & Humanities: History, Music, Philosophy, Visual Arts
  • Business & Communications: Accounting, Economics, International Business Management
  • Spanish Language
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Tourism Management
  • Sciences: Biology, Computer Science, Engineering
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Archaeology, Psychology, Sociology

This may not be a comprehensive list. Please view the course listings at the links above.

Language Proficiency

You should have at least 4-semesters of college-level Spanish language to participate on this program. All courses are taught in Spanish.

Credits/Number of Courses

EEE and UV courses earn anywhere from two to five academic credits, based on class time and coursework.

Course Registration information

You will register for your courses with the help of the resident director after you arrive in Xalapa. The courses available to you will be based on your language level and the university course listing and schedule. It is important that you are able to be flexible with your course choices

The BCA Xalapa program is suspended and not accepting applications through spring 2019