Xalapa, Mexico

Why BCA Xalapa?

  • Unlimited opportunities to practice your Spanish with your host family, fellow students and the warm and friendly people of Mexico.
  • Take a class in African dance, join the community choir, attend a ballet,  go to the symphony; Xalapa is a city of the arts!
  • Live the culture first-hand with Mexican host families–both in Cuernavaca and in Xalapa.
  • With 65% of Spanish speakers in the U.S. of Mexican heritage, learning Spanish in Mexico is a smart move for any student who will be working with Spanish-speakers in their careers.
  • Study at the top university in Veracruz with courses in a wide variety of majors including: fine arts, biology, health sciences, business, anthropology, sociology, history and more!
  • Study music in the Department of Jazz Studies.
  • Enjoy two weeks of cultural orientation and intensive language preparation in Cuernavaca, Mexico before the semester starts in Xalapa.
  • Mexico has the largest number of World Heritage Sites of any country in the Americas and the sixth most in the world. As a BCA student, you will visit up to six World Heritage sites with BCA’s Resident Director, an archaeologist who will show you many of the amazing ruins, historical sites and national treasures of Mexico.
  • With inexpensive, convenient and safe transportation–there are wonderful opportunities to explore Mexico.
  • Xalapa provides fascinating laboratories for exploring important global social issues: poverty; migration; “traditional” vs. “modern” culture, etc.  BCA’s “Street Children and Popular Education” course is a great gateway into learning about these topics!
  • Volunteer, intern or do an independent study, including opportunities to teach English as a second language.
  • Become fluent in Spanish. BCA Xalapa is regarded as one of the best study abroad programs available for Spanish language immersion.
  • Mexico is very affordable! Enjoy low cost living, entertainment and adventures.

The BCA Xalapa program is suspended and not accepting applications through spring 2019