The university and the city of Xalapa offer a multitude of activities ranging from the cultural to the social. The small-city atmosphere provides easy access to museums, musical and other cultural events, as well as the friendliness of a close-knit community.  In addition, Xalapa is surrounded by lush mountains dotted with charming colonial-style towns and villages and just an hour drive to the coast.  The Universidad Veracruzana does not have a single campus: rather it is integrated throughout the city, so you will have lots of opportunities to interact not only with people at the university, but with people all around the city!

cookingiwthmompostcardHousing & Meals

While in Xalapa, you will reside with a Mexican host family.  Conversations you have with your familia Mexicana will present you with an excellent opportunity to learn about the culture. Students enjoy home-cooked meals in traditional Mexican style with their host families.

Computer Access

Most students now bring their own laptops, and wireless service is becoming ever-more widespread in the city.  Host families now all have wireless service (though the signal is better in some houses than others).  Many cafés, restaurants, and even parks now have free wireless internet service, as does the EEE.  The EEE also has a series of computers with internet connection for student use, and there are also several cybercafes around town that charge less than $1 U.S. per hour for use of their computers.

Local Transportation

Almost everything in Xalapa is within walking distance, however, the cost of transportation is very inexpensive. Students can expect to spend $10-20 for transportation per month.

Suggested Reading

Delve into the life of a Mexican hero with The Life and Times of Pancho Villa by Friedrich Katz, master Mexican slang with Mexican Slang: A Guide by Linton H. Robinson, or learn the fine points of communication with John Condon’s Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans.