As a BCA Vienna student, you will study alongside Austrian and other international students at FH Wien, which offers a wide variety of courses in a number of disciplines. This page will help you understand course offerings, requirements, academic system, and the course registration process in Vienna.

Required Courses

In addition to elective courses as FH Wien, all BCA students enroll in the following courses:

Course Listing

Aside from German language studies, all courses at FH Wien are taught in English. View the link below to see course offerings in Vienna.

Popular Departments

  • Arts & Humanities: History
  • Business & Communications: Finance, International Business, Journalism, Management, Marketing, Mass Communications, Media Studies
  • German

Language Proficiency

Students of all proficiency levels enroll in a German language course. You will take a language placement exam upon acceptance to the program to determine the appropriate level of language course. Elective courses taught at FH Wien and the BCA Signature course are taught in English.


At FH Wien “Course of the study programme” refers to a course that is offered for a specific degree program.  As a BCA student, you do not necessarily have to be a major of the degree program to take a course.


BCA students are free to take courses outside of their degree program as long as they have the fundamental knowledge necessary for success in the course. Aside from journalism, there are no prerequisites per se. If you plan to take journalism courses you will need to demonstrate prerequisite knowledge in the material. Please note that most master-level courses are taken by working professionals with years of industry experience, which can make keeping up with content especially challenging for undergraduate students.

Teaching Style

You will find the teaching style at FH Wien similar to the US.  Some instructors will have lots of PowerPoint presentations, while others deliver course content in a more traditional manner, with questions and discussion being an integral part of the classroom experience.  FH Wien has a maximum of 40 students per course, so you won’t need to worry about giant, standing room only lecture halls.

At FH Wien international block seminars are a common delivery method for the courses taught in English, so students may have a few 2-3 week block seminars spread throughout the semester.  These courses are intensive since they pack a semester of course material into a few weeks.


One final examination at the end of the semester is the most common form of student learning assessment at FH Wien.  Sometimes mid-term exams are also included, and sometimes final presentations are the basis of the final grade.  For all FH Wien course, students must attend at least 75% of the classes to earn credit for each class.

Credits/Number of Courses

BCA students must complete a minimum of 24 ECTS (12 US credits) per semester at FH Wien.  Courses are typically 3-5 ECTS, so BCA students can plan on taking at least four or five FH Wien courses. All BCA students are also required to take the required courses listed above. Students may also opt to take additional language study at IKI Vienna by enrolling in GER 202 (4 credits).  Enrollment for GER 202 takes place through the BCA resident director.

Course Registration

Course registration starts just after a student has been admitted to the BCA program. You will be sent a list of available courses and be asked to indicate the courses you wish to take. FH Wien will notify you if a course is no longer available (already filled or cancelled, for example). You will finalize your schedule after your arrival in Vienna, during orientation week.

In some cases you may want or need to change your schedules after arrival. You should bring contact information for your study abroad advisor, academic advisor, registrar or any other person who can approve courses at your home school.