When are the deadlines to apply for this program?

Summer applications are due on March 15th.

About the School

How many native and international students attend this school?

Every month, Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien teaches approximately 450-550 students from all over the world.

What are the class sizes?

You will find 8-15 students from all over the world learning beside you in class.

What is the teaching and assessment style abroad?

Professors emphasize speaking, reading and writing, and communication skills, with fine-tuning efforts placed on grammar and vocabulary. While this is an intensive learning environment, students will receive one-on-one attention and patient instruction as they acclimate to their surroundings.

What are some student life activities available on campus?

IKI Vienna organizes cultural activities to help students get to know their new city.

Living Situations

What are accommodations like? Who will I be living with?

You will be placed in a single room within a co-ed dormitory alongside other students studying at IKI Vienna. You will have a shared kitchen and laundry facilities and be responsible for your own meals. Read more about accommodations here.

Further Information

Are internships available?

BCA does not set up internships during the summer, but there are internship opportunities in a number of our semester programs.


Is Internet/Wi-Fi available?

Internet access is available in the student dorms. You can also find Wi-Fi at IKI Vienna and in many cafés around the city.