Resident Director

Valladolid is a city with a thrilling past and an exciting future. Formerly the capital of Spain, Valladolid’s streets are full of history that can be felt, not only in the buildings that make up the city, but also in the customs that are still observed in the city’s pride in its past, and in its sparkling vitality. Valladolid supports itself with industry – automobile manufacturing, wood production, electronics, glass, metal and design.

The city also features a strong agricultural sector, focused mainly on wine production. The wines of Valladolid, with prize-winners such as Ribera del Duero, Cigales, and Rueda, are celebrated worldwide, and for many connoisseurs, they are the best in Spain.

Valladolid’s location in the center of the northern plateau of Spain, and the fact that it is the capital of the region of Castilla y León, make it a distribution center for merchandise and travelers to all parts of the northwestern Iberian Peninsula. This movement is noticeable in the bustling city, in its commerce, in its numerous bars and restaurants, and in the rich tradition of Valladolid nightlife.

The BCA student in Valladolid can enjoy a unique experience in the city’s setting and in the indispensable experience of being one more member of a Spanish family. Students immerse themselves in the authentic reality of a culture, in those aspects of Spanish life which are learned every day, and which make students different people when they return to their home countries – more tolerant, wiser, and having acquired a new language and customs. With its vibrant social scene, Spain is different from other European countries, but while living in Valladolid, students can easily access these other places, and compare for themselves.

If you choose to study with BCA in Valladolid, conversational interchanges with Spanish students will help you get to know the exciting world of Valladolid, with unforgettable cafes, theaters, civic and sports centers, and a full schedule of diverse cultural activities, which reflect the city’s growing diversity and multiculturalism.

If you like nature, Castilla y León is one of the best spots in Spain to enjoy it. Near Valladolid, there are mountains, open countryside, immense plains, and the Cantabrian Sea just three hours away. The small towns around Valladolid, in addition to providing an extraordinary cultural experience, are places where the simplicity of their inhabitants and landscapes will have a lasting impact on you. Close to Valladolid, in spots such as the “Hoces del Río Duratón,” the lakes of Villafáfila, and the Park of Picos de Europa, you can find natural parks and protected spaces, with an incredible variety of animals and plants. You will also learn about the complicated relationship between land, animals, and people, in places such as “Las Tuerces de Palencia.”

In the 15 years that Universitas Castellae’s summer program has been operating, we have seen international students change dramatically, and we have seen their interest in returning to visit us – to see again the city, their host families, and their former professors. Our greatest reward is sharing with former students their memories of time spent in Valladolid and hearing about their professional success and their desire to return to Valladolid, to the origin of a personal transformation that was fundamental for their development.

Sergio Villa
Resident Director, Valladolid