About Universitas Castellae

buildingUniversitas Castellae is a specialized educational center in Valladolid, Spain, that is dedicated to the study of Spanish language and Hispanic culture for students from the U.S. and around the world. Building on both Universitas’ and BCA’s long traditions in study abroad, this partnership allows us to provide a strong study abroad experience to a wider range of students. Our academic program includes advanced Spanish (Castilian) language, literature, art, history, culture, and various courses in the social sciences.

The BCA-Universitas professional and academic team is composed of highly qualified professors and researchers in the field of Hispanic studies, from both foreign and Spanish universities, and study abroad staff dedicated to student learning.

Universitas is located in the very heart of the city of Valladolid, with classrooms and office space located in the historic and culturally significant Plaza del Viejo and also in the nearby Calle Concepción. These facilities are well-suited to the needs of students, offering convenient classrooms, audio-visual equipment, free access to the Internet, supplementary reference materials and access to the city.

Classroom teaching usually takes place in the morning hours. This allows students time in the afternoon to engage with local native speakers; use the city as a language and cultural laboratory; visit museums and neighboring villages; pursue independent study projects; and enjoy learning from the local culture by going to the theatre, movies, sports or music events. Our BCA-Universitas program considers the entire city to be a classroom.


By special arrangement for interested and serious students, BCA-Universitas offers internships with an institution of the student’s choice. Contact BCA for further information about possible internships.