BCA encourages students to take advantage of learning opportunities both in and beyond the classroom!

Here is a current list of volunteering opportunities available:

  • Asociación de Promoción Gitana de Valladolid: Institution that helps gypsies.  Volunteer activities are very similar as those at Cáritas Diocesana, including working with gypsy women and children in the areas of tutoring, free time activities, sports and intercultural activities.  It is a 30 minute walk from campus.
  •  Asociación de Voluntarios San Juan de Dios: Organization focused on improving the quality of life of those affected by mental disability (19 years+), as well as their families.  Volunteer activities include accompaniment (shopping, cultural visits, shows, walks), personalized pedagogical supervision (writing, reading, oral expression and comprehension) and promoting cultural activities (music, theatre, sports).  It is a 30 minute bus ride from campus.
  •  Asociación Española Contra El Cancer: Organization focused on prevention, research and resourcing for cancer patients and their families, as well as the provision of psychological and emotional support, including group therapy.    Volunteers can help with fundraising events, and it is a great opportunity to learn Spanish medical terminology. It is a 3 minute walk from campus.
  •  Asapce Valladolid: Non-profit institution dedicated to supporting those with cerebral palsy through physical therapy.  Students are able to accompany and support patients in horse therapy, hydrotherapy, etc.  Patients’ families are also supported.  It is a 30 minute walk from campus.
  • Caritas Diocesana: Non-profit, catholic institution specialized in working with social exclusion groups, including addicts, homeless, immigrants, seniors, gypsy people, and women.  Volunteer activities include direct action activities (crafts, tutoring in English, teaching computer skills) and accompaniment (visits, walks). It is a quick 10 minute walk from campus.
  • Colegio Maristas de Valladolid: Primary and secondary school in which students have the opportunity to visit real classes and also have the chance to teach English to Spanish primary and secondary children.
  • El Puente: Non-profit institution that works with people with mental disabilities and their families to improve their quality of life.  Students join the groups once or twice a week, depending on their time and interest, and help the instructors with different group excursions and free time activities.  Such activities include walks or trips to various parts of the city, making crafts, or helping with sports.  It is a 35 minute walk from campus, or taking a bus is an option.
  • Fundación Cauce: Organization working to fight against poverty and discrimination of socially excluded individuals, including the homeless, gypsies, immigrants, women, addicts, etc.  Student volunteers can help immigrants learn Spanish as well as how to read, and they can also help to collect and distribute food.  It is a 25 minute walk from campus.
  • Fundacion Triagulo Valladolid: A foundation committed to defending social equality for the LGBT community through social action in political, cultural, educational and health environments.  This is done through programs that focus on social tolerance toward sexual orientation, prevention of homophobic attitudes in secondary school and support for families and those discriminated.  Students could assist with attention and assessment.  It is a 10 minute walk from campus.
  • Procomar “Valladolid Acoge”: Organization working to support the immigrant population through educative integration, food distribution and housing.  Volunteers can help teach Spanish, collect and distribute food, and participate in free time activites (crafts, visits, excursions).  It is a 10 minute walk from  campus.
  • Red Incola: Organization working to promote human rights of immigrants through intercultural tutoring, an adult literacy program, crafts, and opportunities for free time and social time.  Student can teach Arabic women or children, work with children in social/cultural activities, and help with the collection and storage of food at the food bank.  It is a 20 minute walk from campus.

We are working to establish new volunteer opportunities all the time, so please let us know when completing your application if you are interested in volunteering while studying abroad. Once on site, your resident director will work with you to find a placement that fits your schedule and your goals, as well as the organization’s needs.  Our hope is that your volunteering experience will be mutually beneficial for both you and the organization!  BCA’s expectation is that students take their volunteering commitment seriously and demonstrate this by faithful attendance and communication with their organization.