Spanish Education Program

BCA Study Abroad is pleased to offer a program for education majors interested in learning about the Spanish education system and about bilingual education. The program offers the three-credit course, The Spanish Education System: A Bilingual Approach, and one additional credit in the form of a teaching practicum. You will also engage in non-academic activities to promote interaction with various elements of the Valladolid community.

The Spanish Education System: A Bilingual Approach (3 credits)

The main goal of this intensive course is to get a significant knowledge about the educational system in Spain, through the analysis of the bilingual system in class, and practical sessions with secondary school students in real contexts (a school and a real classroom)

In this course, you will:

  • Understand how the Spanish system works, with a special emphasis on the bilingual education
  • Work with different class strategies in order to teach an English class to secondary school students who are typically in their first or second year of secondary school (ages 12-13)
  • Compare the advantages and challenges of Spanish education compared to the educational system in the US
  • Teach complete classes using various types of pedagogical contents and materials

Education Practicum (1 credit)

The purpose of this practicum is to be a meaningful complement to the content of the education course.  During the second week of the course, students will be visiting a local school in which they will attend to real classes with professors.  In the class students will observe how bilingual English-Spanish lessons work, and will also have the opportunity to teach classes.  Students will be responsible for developing the plan for the class, in coordination with the professor, and prepare the materials for the class. The third week of the course students will teach English to secondary school students, in a real class context in which they will be able to demonstrate their dominion of the methodology techniques and strategies studied in class.

At the end of the practicum students will be able to:

  • Gain a wide comprehension of how Spanish education system works
  • Evaluate differences and similarities between the Spanish and the US educational system
  • Understand the challenges in class and be able to face them successfully

Language Proficiency

Prerequisites include Oral Proficiency at the 300 level and Integrated Skills at the 300 level.

Optional Six-week Intensive Course

Following the Spanish Education Program, students have an option to continue for an additional six-week program for an additional fee. This program begins a week after the Spanish Education Program ends. Students are responsible for their own housing and activities during this time. Many students use this break to travel to other parts of Spain or Europe.

Find out more about the Intensive Summer Program.If you are interested in applying for both the Spanish Education and Intensive programs, please select the application for the BCA Valladolid Spanish Education & Intensive program on our application site.