Spanish Business Program

BCA Study Abroad is pleased to offer a program for business majors seeking to improve their Spanish language and gain first-hand experience of the Spanish business environment in Spain. This program offers three credits in Spanish Business, combined with a one credit practicum with observations in local businesses, primarily hotels and restaurants, in Valladolid. You will also engage in other activities to promote interaction with various elements of the Valladolid business community.

Spanish Business (3 credits)

This intensive course will provide you with a basic understanding of the Spanish Business world and will focus both on the Spanish Economy and its place in the European market and the world, and on the specific words and expressions used in the Spanish business environment.

In this course you will:

  • Exercise and improve your oral and written skills, focusing on Business vocabulary and expressions
  • Acquire specific words and expressions widely used in the different topics seen in the course
  • Improve your reading and listening comprehension with specific exercises which will prepare you for the practicum experience
  • Write different types of professional business documents using the appropriate style (business letters, reports, invoices, checks, etc.)
  • Complete oral presentations about topics related to economic issues
  • Explore the cultural and economic landscape of Spain
  • Analyze your own country’s economic system by comparing it to the Spanish model
  • Develop your ability to experience meaningful contexts in which you will be able to use the resources learned in class
  • Receive first hand information of the methods and resources used in daily life business world, by watching and/or interacting with local managers

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Spanish Business Practicum (1 credit)

The purpose of this practicum is to be a meaningful complement to the content of the Spanish Business course. You will have the opportunity to meet a representative of the local Chamber of Commerce and get direct information about the running of this institution and the situation of the Spanish economy, with an emphasis in Valladolid.

You will also visit different local companies (the focus will be on hotels and restaurants) and meet the managers of these companies.  This hands on work will consist of interviews with the managers, to get a general idea of the methods used to run these businesses, and also the opportunity to shadow the managers to get a broad understanding of the operations.

At the end of the practicum you will be able to:

  • Understand the way that different business in Valladolid work
  • Evaluate differences and similarities between the Spanish and the US system
  • Understand the specific language used in different kinds of business and use it in real contexts

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Language Proficiency

Prerequisites include Oral Proficiency at the 300 level and Integrated Skills at the 300 level.

Optional Six-week Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Course

Following the Business program, students have an option to continue for an additional six-week program for an additional fee. This program begins a week after the business program ends. Students are responsible for their own housing and activities during this time. Many students use this break to travel to other parts of Spain or Europe.

Find out more about the Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Program. If you are interested in applying for both the Spanish Business and Intensive programs, please select the application for the BCA Valladolid Spanish Business & Intensive program on our application site.