Medical Spanish Program

BCA Study Abroad is pleased to offer a program for health science majors interested in studying Medical Spanish in an attempt to be able to communicate better with future patients. The program offers the three-credit course, Medical Spanish, and one additional credit in the form of a practicum. You will also engage in non-academic activities to promote interaction with various elements of the Valladolid community.

Medical Spanish (3 credits)

The main goal of this course, integrated in the Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Program, is to provide to the students the basis of Medical Spanish, focusing on two main areas:

  • Main characteristics of Spanish medical system, both public and private, including its connections to the European system
  • The specific words and expressions used in the medical language, through oral and written activities

Medical Spanish has an obvious relevance in all the fields related to the social development of the country, and it can’t be placed apart from daily communication; for this reason the course will focus mainly on the practical contents of the course, in order to give students all the resources they will need to apply in real situations. For example areas of focus will be how to describe different symptoms and the “specific” vocabulary vs. the “real” expressions used in daily life.

In this course you will:

  • Exercise and improve your oral and written skills, focusing on medical vocabulary and expressions
  • Acquire specific words and expressions widely used in the different topics seen in the course
  • Improve your reading/listening comprehension with specific exercises which will prepare you for the “hands-on” experience
  • Write different kind of professional medical documents using the appropriate style
  • Do oral presentations about topics related to medical issues
  • Get to know the cultural and economical reality of Spain
  • Analyze the medical system in your home country by comparing it to the Spanish model
  • Develop your ability to experience meaningful contexts in which you will be able to use the resources learned in class
  • Receive first hand information of the methods and resources used in daily life in the medical world, by watching and/or interacting with local professionals

Medical Practicum (1 credit)

The purpose of this practicum is to be a meaningful complement to the contents seen in the morning classes.  Students will have the opportunity to meet representatives from different medical professionals and get direct information about the running of this specialization and the situation of the medical system of Spain, with an emphasis in Valladolid.  Students will also prepare a questionnaire for the representative, and do an oral presentation in class to get a deep understanding of all the processes explained by the professionals. During the course, students will also visit a private hospital and meet some professionals of the emergency area.

At the end of the practicum students will be able to:

  • Get to know the problems and situations in which a Spanish professional develops his/her duties
  • Evaluate differences and similarities between the Spanish and the US system
  • Understand the specific language used in different kinds of medical situations and use it in real contexts

Additional Spanish Course (3 credits)

The Medical Spanish program operates concurrently with the BCA Intensive Spanish program and students will choose one course (3 credits) from the Intensive Spanish program offerings to take in addition to the Medical Spanish course and practicum. You can view course selections on the Intensive Program courses page.

Language Proficiency

Prerequisites include Oral Proficiency at the 300 level and Integrated Skills at the 300 level.