Quick Facts

Language of Instruction


Language Pre-Requisite

Anywhere from one-semester of college-level Spanish to advanced Spanish oral proficiency and integrated skills may be required based on the program. Please refer to the individual program page for more details.

Host Institution

Universitas Castellae

GPA Requirement


Required Courses

The BCA Universitas summer curriculum features a wide variety of courses including advanced language, business, education, medical Spanish, literature, art, history, culture and sociology. Different courses are available during the various summer programs.


Credits vary based on the program selected and number of courses taken during the session.


Host families

Resident Director

Sergio Villa


The BCA on-site coordinator offers a general orientation to get you settled into your new home and school. During the orientation, you will receive advice on academics, banking, personal safety, transportation and social and cultural events.


U.S. students travelling to Spain for less than 90 day are not required to obtain an entry visa prior to departure.