Valladolid, Spain (Summer)

Why BCA Valladolid?

  • Learn Spanish —  beginning level or advanced level during the summer.
  • Live with a host family and immerse yourself in Spanish life and culture.
  • Study business, education, medical Spanish, art history, literature or Spanish language and culture.
  • A variety of summer programs, including 3, 4, 6, and 10-week options, give you the flexibility you need to find the perfect program for you.
  • Universitas Study Center offers classrooms and office space located in the historic and culturally significant Plaza del Viejo in the very heart of the city of Valladolid.
  • Rich in artistic and historic heritage, the city is ideally suited as a center for studying the language and culture of Spain. Valladolid is known as the area where the purest “Castellano” form of Spanish is spoken.
  • Enjoy plenty of recreational and cultural activities, including ceramics workshops, live theater, regional dance, concerts, and various other performances.
  • Experience the region of Castilla y Leon and its mountains, open countryside and proximity to the Cantabrian Sea just three hours away. And Valladolid is approximately one hour by train from Madrid and within easy access of other important cities of the region such as Burgos, Leon, Salamanca, Zamora and Segovia.