IMG_0228Throughout the program BCA Study Abroad students travel together on educational excursions and cultural visits, which may include the following destinations:

  • Tangier: After WWII, Tangier became an International Zone that attracted eccentric foreigners, artists, spies and hippies and this unique history is still evident in the culture today.
  • Chefchaouen:  Considered one of the most picturesque towns in all of Morocco and known as the “Blue Pearl” for it’s blue-washed buildings, this small mountain village is situation in the beautiful Rif mountain range.
  • Martil:  Northeast of Tetouan is Martil, a sea resort on the Mediterranean Sea offering beautiful beaches, clear-blue water and breathtaking views of the Moroccan coast.
  • Dar Senaa (Royal Artisan School): To ensure that Morocco’s traditional arts are passed down to future generations, master artisans at the Artisanal School in Tetouan teach apprentices age-old techniques for painting, woodwork, metalwork, ceramics, stucco carving and textiles, among others. King Mohammed VI is a patron of the school, supporting the efforts to preserve the traditions of Moroccan crafts.