About Tetouan

Tetouan is a small Moroccan city nestled between Tangier, Morocco and Algeciras, Spain. With friendly, generous residents, the city’s small size allows for true cultural immersion and exciting glimpses of Moroccan life. Nature buffs will also enjoy beautiful beaches that are some of the most noteworthy in the Mediterranean area and are only a few kilometers from the city, and the sprawling Rif mountain range that spreads more than 500 kilometers from Tetouan. With a small, coastal feel and local, cultural hotspots, Tetouan is a welcoming treasure for visitors and students.

  • Tetouan’s ancient medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • The medina is surrounded by a historic wall approximately 5 km in length and accessed by means of seven gates.
  • From the 8th century onward, Tetouan served as the point of connection between Morocco and Andalusia.
  • From 1912 until 1956, Tetouan was the capital of the Spanish protectorate in Morocco.