Tetouan, Morocco (Summer)

Why BCA Tetouan?

  • Beginner through advanced Arabic language instruction available during this four-week summer program!
  • Live with a host family, become immersed in local culture and experience famous Moroccan hospitality first hand!
  • Explore Tetouan’s ancient medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site!
  • Learn about Moroccan culture through program activities and demonstrations about things like Moroccan music, pastries, calligraphy and henna.
  • Study and live in a city known for its long relationship with Andalusia and its Hispano-Moorish character that is unique in Morocco and can be seen in the architecture and language of the city.
  • Tetouan is a Moroccan art center famous for its school of traditional arts and crafts (Dar Sanaa) and its National Institute of Fine Arts.

Why Attend an Arabic Summer Study Abroad Program?

  • Attending a summer program enables you to earn academic credits and develop your language skills outside the school year.
  • A BCA summer program gives you the opportunity to study abroad, even if it does not fit into your busy academic calendar.
  • Studying abroad over the summer allows you to travel and explore other cultures, while not missing sports, clubs, performances, social events and more on your home campus.
  • If you’re an athlete, a summer program may enable you to study abroad during off-season and not miss any pre-season training.
  • A summer program may be a more affordable option for you than a full semester!
  • The shorter time frame may be a better fit for non-traditional students, who cannot leave a job, their family or other obligations for an extended period of time.
  • Or you can use our Arabic summer study abroad program, as a launching point for another study abroad experience in the future!

Arabic Summer Study Abroad Program