Exchange Students

BCA Study Abroad coordinates semester and year-long study for exchange students from our host institutions who are interested in studying in the United States. To be eligible for a BCA exchange program to the U.S., you must be currently enrolled in one of our partner universities, including:

Each year, BCA places students from all over the world at U.S. colleges and universities, complementing their own understanding of American culture and enriching campus life. Exchange students apply through their home institution and can choose to study at one of several colleges and universities in the U.S., including:

If your college or university is interested in hosting BCA international students on your campus, please contact BCA’s Director of Program Services and Health & Safety, Rachel Helwig at or 717-361-6600.

International students who study in the United States through BCA Study Abroad have several responsibilities. 

  • BCA students must help students at the host institution to benefit from the exchange.  This might involve tutoring U.S. students in a foreign language or participating in international festivals on campus.
  • Students must pay their own travel and personal expenses, as well as any additional student fees (e.g., laboratory fees, music lessons, tutoring, etc.) charged by the U.S. host institution.
  • Students must abide by the rules of the U.S. host institution.
  • Students must not remain beyond the agreed upon semester or year without the written permission of their home campus and BCA.
  • Students must be willing to live in language houses, act as tutors, or help in language classes and labs, as requested. BCA expects international students to be a resource at the U.S. institution for campus activities that will highlight their language, country and culture.  Such assistance, of course, should be reasonable and should not interfere with students’ studies.